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Our technology is a gel that instantly stops bleeding without the need to apply pressure. In a fraction of a second, the gel activates the body's own clotting process, producing a durable clot over the injured site. The gel adheres to the sides of the wound, allowing it to combat the high pressure of severely bleeding wounds.

The gel quickly and safely achieves hemostasis. It contains pieces of plant-derived polymers that reassemble inside of a bleeding wound to take on the properties of the surrounding tissue, replicating the extracellular matrix (ECM), or the structural support of the body’s cells. The body recognizes the ECM produced by the gel and allows it to mesh into the wound surface, immediately forming a tight seal over the wound.

Once the gel has stopped the bleeding, it can either be easily removed or left in place to facilitate faster healing of the surrounding tissue. Its components are biocompatible and can be absorbed into the body.

The gel comes with an accompanying spray that polymerizes the gel into a substance that looks, feels, and acts like surrounding tissue.