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VETI-GEL™ is a gel designed for veterinarians to stop internal bleeding. The gel is packaged in sterile syringes and applied directly onto the wound, where it stops bleeds in seconds. It is indicated for parenchymal bleeds, including hepatic, splenic, and renal.

The gel works by activating three methods of hemostasis simultaneously: holding in its own pressure, activating the body’s platelets, and forming a fibrin clot, all on the wound surface. This combination makes VETI-GEL™ work faster than alternatives, which generally only utilize one or two methods of hemostasis.

Preclinical trials indicated that VETI-GEL™ can stop bleeding in less than twelve seconds. More testing is being performed to confirm data on time to hemostasis, clot strength, and safety. All components of VETI-GEL™ have been individually approved by the FDA.

A topical solution will be provided in small packets with VETI-GEL™. It is designed to harden the outer layer of the gel for better protection and durability.

If you are a veterinarian and are interested in trying a sample of VETI-GEL™ for clinical evaluation, please fill out this form.